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Knee injury - what now?

Whether jogging, riding, tennis, yoga, skiing, cycling or just walking - and volley ball: More and more recreational and competitive athletes sustain injuries ....

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Pitfall increased level of PSA

Non-tumour-associated periprosthetic osteolysis of the femur in patients with an increased PSA level. By PD Dr. Alexander Katzer, Dr. Wolf-Peter Niedermauntel, Jörg Rump, Christian Bartram, Dr. Mathias Himmelspach

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Hip arthroscopy for treatment of sports injuries

Athletes with pain and injuries of the hip can be helped by minimally invasive surgical treatment. "For a long time athletes' problems were neglected. They often remain untreated and as a result top athletes are frequently forced to end their careers prematurely," says Dr. A. Katzer of the ORTHOCLINIC HAMBURG.    

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The Facharztklinik Hamburg opens a Centre for Shoulder Treatment

The Facharztklinik Hamburg has now opened a centre specially for patients with injuries or osteoarthritis of the shoulder. "In our clinic three orthopaedic surgeons perform a total of 700 operations per year ...

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Help for knee problems

Damaged cartilage is one of the most frequent causes of knee pain. The experts at the Orthoclinic Hamburg in Schnelsen help patients ...

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The right way to strengthen your child´s back

Back pain is no longer a problem which affects only adults. More and more children are suffering from posture damage.

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Clinic with a new Shoulder Centre

The Facharztklinik Hamburg has opened its own centre for the treatment of shoulder diseases. The centre has three orthopaedic specialists as medical directors - one of them is Dr. Wolf-Peter Niedermauntel of the Orthoclinic Hamburg in Oldesloer Straße 9.

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Hip arthroscopy to treat sports injuries

Key-hole surgery. Hip arthroscopy to treat sports injuries ...

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